Wto Agreement On Technical Barriers To Trade Pdf

12.9 In consultations, members of developed countries take into account the particular difficulties faced by members of developing countries in developing country development and implementation of technical standards and regulations and compliance assessment procedures and, in their willingness to assist members of developing countries in their efforts, members of developed countries take into account the specific financing needs of members of industrialized countries. , trade and development. E. The standards body ensures that standards are not prepared, adopted or applied to create or create unnecessary barriers to international trade. The following procedures apply to technical expert groups set up in accordance with Article 14. Schedule 1 of the OBTR lists three categories of physical measures; technical rules, standardization and compliance assessment. The Community Asbestos Appeals Body considered this to be a limited category of measures. [3] If a measure is found to be a technical regime, it is governed by Article 2 OEE. An entity other than a central government or a local government authority, including a non-governmental authority legally empowered to enforce a technical regulation. 2.10.2, upon request, provide copies of the technical regulations to other members; 11.3 Members take, upon request, the appropriate measures at their disposal to advise supervisors on their territory, particularly members of the developing country, and provide them with technical assistance on mutually agreed terms: members must ensure that technical rules and standards are not subject to less favourable treatments for imported products than those granted to similar products.

nationally-born or performing in another country. , as in Article 2.1 and Appendix 3.D. This principle also applies to compliance assessment procedures that "must allow suppliers of similar products originating in the territories of other members to have access to conditions that are no less favourable than those granted to suppliers of stable products within and from another country in a comparable situation" (Articles 5.1 and 5.1.1). [2. 10 Subject to the provisions in paragraph 9, where urgent safety, health, environmental protection or national security issues arise or threaten to arise for a member, that member may refrain, as far as he deems necessary, from the proceedings covered by paragraph 9, provided that the member, after the adoption of a technical regulation 11.1 members, may refrain from , on request, other members, particularly members of the developing country, refrain from taking the measures covered in paragraph 9; advise on the development of technical rules. B. A technical assistance programme will help developing countries comply with international standards and help them set such standards. [7] 10.1.1 any technical regulations adopted or proposed on their territory by central or local authorities, non-governmental bodies legally empowered to enforce technical regulations or regional standards bodies of which these bodies are members or participants; 2.9.3, at the request of other members, to provide information or copies of the proposed technical regulation and, where possible, to identify parties that deviate essentially from relevant international standards; 1.6 All references made in this agreement to technical regulations, standards and compliance assessment procedures must be interpreted as including changes and additions to the regulations or their coverage, with the exception of minor amendments and additions.

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