Umb Deposit Agreement

5. Mobile Deposit Terms And Terms of Use Mobile Deposit allows you to deposit the electronic image of a cheque into your current accounts, savings or money authorized at UMB by recording an electronic image of the cheque with the recorder (for example. B of a camera) on your mobile device and transmitting related images and information to us for processing. The following terms and conditions also apply, if applicable, to mobile deposits. The number of transfers from your bank accounts and the amounts that can be transferred are limited under the terms of the applicable deposit contract and disclosure of those accounts. For example, federal rules require financial institutions to restrict the way withdrawals can be made from a savings or money market account. Each transfer of a savings account or savings account with Mobile Banking is counted as one of six transaction limits per monthly billing cycle, as indicated in the deposit account agreement and returns. You may be subject to fees or account conversions if you exceed your account`s transaction limits with Mobile Banking or other methods that are specified in your account deposit account and described in the returns. B. Ineligible items. You agree that you will not drop off any of the following items with mobile repository: A. Service Description. Mobile Banking is offered as a comfort and supplement to our online banking services.

There are no plans to replace access to online banking from your PC or other methods you use to manage your accounts and services with us. You agree that, when using Mobile Banking, you are subject to the terms of all your existing contracts with us and our related companies, including, but not only, the ACCORD UMB Online Banking Services Agreement. Mobile Banking allows you to access your UMB account information, make payments to recipients, make transfers, deposit cheques remotely, manage debit cards and do other banking transactions. To be able to use mobile banking, you must be registered to use the online bank, and then activate your device and accounts in your online banking service. You can turn selected accounts on or off to access your device. A. Qualifying accounts for mobile deposit. Mobile deposit services are available to consumer account holders.

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