Ucla Indirect Rate Agreement

What is the difference between modified total direct costs, direct costs and total costs? How do federal and non-federal sponsors deal with indirect costs? The university needs comprehensive coverage of research and development costs. For all sponsorship categories, the university should apply its negotiated research and development rate to all extramural rewards for research, teaching and other sponsored activities. Quotes in the Guidancce uniform support a complete resumption of federal support, including fluid measures. The corresponding set is applied on an MTDC (Total Direct Cost) basis as defined in 200.68 Modified Total Direct Cost (MTDC). If a sponsor`s published policy imposes a rate of R Lower than that, it is necessary to obtain a waiver from the university`s policy on full cost coverage. Premiums issued with the May 23, 2012 rates will apply the old rates until the end of the competition segment and the new rates should apply to all competitive extensions. (See prices and agreement of May 23, 2012.) Off-campus projects – projects located in institutions that are not owned by the university or that are leased and managed by the university. However, if the project is carried out on a rental area and the rental fee is charged directly to the project, the A-Campus rate must be used. If the project extends both on and off campus, the campus or off-campus rate should be applied, in accordance with where most of the work must be done based on salary costs. The use of on-campus and off-campus rates may be justified if both rates can be clearly identified with a significant portion of the project`s salary, which means that 25% or more of the total cost of work and total salary and salary costs for the project exceed $250,000.

To fill the "Costs of Ease" page of a CIRM search package, certain rates should be applied to Category A and Category B (1) (see spreadsheet, with rate breakdown). Information on indirect exclusion guidelines and procedures. For "training actions", a reduced rate of 8% of MTDC is accepted, in accordance with the NIH`s research and development limitation for institutional training grants. This rate can be used for training grants that support the UC`s educational mission and does not apply in cases where a UC campus provides training to a state agency. The UC Office of the President (UCOP) has approved the use of this phrase. This is the minimum rate for California state agreements. Federal funds provided through a public authority will use rates negotiated by the Federal Government.

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