Ttip Trade Agreement

Currently, more than 2,000 FIPAs have been signed between developed and developing countries. Germany has 132 bilateral investment agreements in force. This allows critics of the TTIP ISDS in Germany to argue that it is an unnecessary instrument without taking into account the need for other EU Member States and the improvement it represents over other existing bilateral agreements. In May 2013, between the date of the declarations and the mandate of the European Council at the Commission, the final election of the candidate for the post of Director General of the World Trade Organization took place. Herminio Blanco, Mexico`s liberal candidate, negotiator of the U.S.-EU-backed North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), has succumbed to Brazilian candidate Roberto Azavédo, who is strongly supported by developing countries. While there must be no direct relationship between the two events, it is certain that, since 2001, the WTO Doha Round – which aims to remove trade barriers through multilateral agreements – has increased bilateral and regional agreements and that multilateral WTO negotiations have stalled. The problems that the negotiations have faced have been enormous. The failure of the WTO Millennium Cycle in Seattle in 1999 is expected to be changed by the new Doha Round (Qatar) in November 2001. Seattle was where movements known as anti-globalization or "alternative globalization" that oppose free trade began. They were consolidated at the Parallel World Social Forum, which was first held in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in January 2001, and protests and alternative proposals accompanied the Doha Round ministerial meetings and other bilateral and multilateral negotiations on free trade and property rights related to international trade. Although negotiations have failed for now (see below), similar trade agreements remain priorities for EU and US governments, including the possibility of revitalizing TTIP themselves, perhaps under a different name.

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