Resignation And Release Agreement

m) Applicable law/Séverability. This agreement is governed by state laws [regardless of the provision of conflict rules of law]. In the event of non-compliance with a provision of this agreement, any party may take legal action to enforce a provision or condition of this agreement and/or claim damages for violation. If a provision of this agreement is declared illegal or unenforceable by a competent court and cannot be amended to be enforceable, with the exception of the language of general release, that provision becomes immediately invalidated, so that the rest of this Agreement remains fully in force and effective. You should consult the Council on companies that should be covered by the agreement. The worker usually has time to revoke this agreement (check with the employment counsellor to determine what this period is for each situation). Therefore, payment should only be made after the expiry of this period. (h) the transfer of rights. Each of the parties assures and guarantees that it has the authority and authority to conclude this agreement and that it has not transferred or transmitted any of the rights published there. National law governs employment and severance agreements and can vary considerably from state to state. They should consult with the Council on how to apply the most appropriate national law.

The employee acknowledges that the employee waives all rights that the employee may have under the Age Discrimination Act ("ADEA") with respect to the worker`s employment in society. The staff member also acknowledges and accepts that the employee has a minimum of 21 (21) days to verify whether the staff member must consent to the release of claims, if any, under the ADEA. The employee also believes that the employee can revoke his ADEA waiver within seven (7) days of their execution. Any revocation within this period must be filed personally or in writing with [contact person and contact information]. To be effective, the revocation must be served or mailed in person within seven (7) calendar days following the signing of this Agreement. The staff member also acknowledges that the employee was advised to consult with the advisor regarding the waiver of rights in accordance with the ADEA and that the staff member consulted the counsellor or waived the right to do so.

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