Prenuptial Agreement In Oregon

If you talk about this type of contract and learn more, we hope you will approach the subject with the following idea: you want to be fair to each other, you are ready to make complete revelations about your assets, you are ready to communicate on difficult financial matters and you will work with a lawyer. A contract of succession is a contract similar to that of a marriage contract, but it is signed after a couple has already married in the absence of divorce. Although they are not recognized by law, some couples choose to sign a terminated contract in order to give them some predictability in the event of divorce. If you are looking for marriage security or need to check out a proposed post-marital contract, we can help. You don`t want to be involved in negotiations with your pre-home on the eve of your wedding. Contact us at 503-505-6009 or toll free at 888-899-4319.

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