Nc Cte Articulation Agreement

High school students who enroll in a career and college promise course can benefit from an articulated college credit, as described in this agreement, while they are enrolled in high school when the CTE college credit is part of their celebrity trail. Community university officials verify the eligibility and acceptance of the articulation courses on the school copy. Students may be asked to provide proof and/or prove their effectiveness in order to obtain credit. Higher education institutions must comply with the criteria of the Association of Southern Colleges and Schools (SACS) when granting credits. The program committees, made up of IPR and NCCCS officials, reviewed the old agreement as well as the existing agreement and proposed new courses to complement the state agreement. The articulation agreement on these pages is between high schools and community schools. In addition to this national articulation agreement, local articulation agreements can be developed to build strong partnerships between high schools and individual community colleges. These local articulation agreements respond to new and emerging industries, provide unique programs for the region, and add additional articulation courses and directions at the local level that are not included in the government agreement. This national articulation agreement consists of high school cTE courses that match the knowledge and skills taught in similar community university courses. The articulation agreement ensures that a student, if he masters his high school course, can obtain credits for this course at any community college in North Carolina. To obtain an articulated credit, students must register at Community College within two years of high school graduation and meet the following criteria: the North Carolina Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) is a national agreement governing the transfer of credits between N.C.

Community Colleges and public universities .C.

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