Mudarabah Deposit Agreement

In principle, the owner of the capital has no right to interfere in the management of the business, which is the sole responsibility of agent x. But he has every right to set conditions that would ensure better management of his money. That`s why Mudaraba ends up being called a sleep partnership. An important feature of Mudaraba is the organization of the interest. The benefits of a Mudaraba agreement can be shared in any proportion agreed in advance between the parties. However, the loss is fully borne by the owner of the capital. In the event of a loss, the owner of the capital bears the loss of money and the agent loses the reward of his sentence. Mudaraba can be individual or flexible. A – Lawyers from all major law schools agree on the legitimacy of mudarabah transactions. In this context, they cite texts from the Koran and the Sunna. In the Qur`an, the root of the word mudarabah, d-r-b, is used in a verse that clearly indicates the legality of trade: and others who migrate to earth and seek the fullness of the Almighty (73:20). In the Sunna, it is reported that Ibn `Abbas said: "Our clan leader, al `Abbas ibn` Abd al Muttalib, if he paid money to Mudarabah, would force his partner not to walk on the water with his money or to camp in a dry riverbed or to buy a fragile mountain with it.

If his partner did anything about these things, he would be personally held accountable. When the news of these conditions reached the Prophet of Allah, by making peace with him, he supported them. 1. If we use the average monthly balance to determine the deposit rate for each deposit category (weighted method), does this mean that the earnings determination for each depositor is always made at the end of the month and not on any day of the month? The investor leaves the bank free to act on any investment in accordance with Shari`a, as it seems to be in good shape and as part of its normal business. The funds are paid into a pool of general accounts, which will be used by the bank to manage the funds, provided the investment is made in the best interests of the investor.

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