How To Confirm Amazon Billing Agreement

Buyers can update their payment method if the billing agreement is in the "Open" or "Blocked" status in the "Account Activities" section of the Amazon Pay site. When the buyer updates the payment method, you will receive an Instant Payment Notification (IPN). For more information about IPNs, click Sync your systems with Amazon Pay. All of the following permissions are processed with the updated payment method. The payment method for older authorizations is not updated. If there are restrictions on the buyer`s address, payment or consent, you must disable the Confirm button on your website until the buyer has selected an address and/or payment instrument. You will receive an instant payment notification indicating the updated payment method and the buyer will receive an updated email with merchant agreement. On that date, in the Amazon Pay check-out process, the purpose of the billing agreement was filled with the buyer`s delivery address, choice of payment method and consent for recurring payments. You must now set additional attributes in the purpose of the billing agreement that allows you to assign the billing agreement to all the other details you trace. You can specify. B proud of details such as the order or subscription number you indicated for the transaction and a note posted by the buyer in emails sent by Amazon Pay. At this point, we strongly advise you to continue your existing business processes to confirm the order (confirmation email, confirmation landing page, etc.) if you use the asynchronous authorization mode, as the next steps in authorizing and registering the payment method take extra time. With the billing agreement, you can easily process a large number of post-purchase scenarios and other advance payments.

The following scenarios are covered: If a buyer authenticates on Amazon Pay, as shown in Step 1: Add a button widget for buyer authentication, or if you make the widget "address" or "wallet" without specifying the billing agreement ID, Amazon Pay creates a system element of a billing contract. This item stores all payment-related attributes that the buyer will make with Amazon Pay. Amazon recommends disabling the exit stream until the buyer has activated the checkbox in the widget to give their consent.

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