Fios 2 Year Agreement Moving

I took a new approach; I then decided that they should keep my service and transfer it to my new address. They said they couldn`t. I then asked them to switch to DSL, or even choose it to continue the contract and avoid terminating and paying the ETF. I was told I couldn`t do that because they don`t cover the territory. I then asked them for advice, because I have no options; She advised me to cancel it. I consider this to be an omission on their part to live until the end of their contract. I agree to pay as long as they agree to offer me a service. I am moving into an area where they cannot, and I identify myself as the party that violates the treaty. I am prepared to continue to pay for and receive services as long as you are ready to provide them. It`s not you. They`re breaking the contract. I still have to pay for the ETF. I first called to cancel the contract and was told that although I am moving in with someone who already has cable and internet, I have to keep the services or pay the termination fee.

I went downstairs and talked to my fiancée, with whom I will move in on August 1st, and we decided to transfer the services. So I called back and asked to do it. However, I have learned that they do not offer service in the area. This means that I do not have the option to transfer the service, which means for Verizon that I have to pay the cancellation fee. That`s ridiculous. I asked where it was. The part that really kills me is that the person who buys our house is going to have Fios, so not only does Verizon lose nothing at that address, but they will double dive with an ETF for a month. How do I know they have a fios service? Verizon sent me an email to tell me. If you are reading the service contract (which may not be the same as your contract), there is no moving clause.

Just pay for the ETF and call it one day. "At no time before that date did Verizon indicate in writing or on the phone that I had to commit to the upgrade," he said. "I signed reluctantly." They told me to refer to the oral telephone agreement with their automated systems and the conditions mentioned in the registration to which I agreed. Ms. Lopez, the customer assistant I spoke to, told me that this is exactly what the contract says – that if I leave this sector, I always pay. She then argued that the conditions I accepted explained it. However, NEITHER – which SIGNIFIE NOWHERE – indicate this. (I`ve read several articles that actually argue that the contract says we have to pay an ETF, so we still have to pay. Details are available below.) Two-year contracts are very common among service providers, and most offer the same "out" for clients who move. If the customer moves and continues the service in a new home, the contract continues and no charge is due.

There would also be no charge if the service provider did not work in the city.

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