Agreement Emerges

In the end, Timor-Leste needs an agreement that offers material and symbolic gains to justify its risky decision to abandon the CMAT. For Australia, the agreement must mitigate reputational damage resulting from its real political approach to this issue for more than four decades and help its smaller neighbour address economic development in the short to medium term. While the splendour of much of Slaoui`s consulting contract appeared earlier, the contract released to NPR puts things black and white. "Although the agreement lists a lump sum of $1,000, Dr. Slaoui never intends to submit an invoice for this lump sum [Advanced Decision Vectors, the external company that manages his contract]. In the event that state contract laws require the VDA to pay, dr. Slaoui will donate the money to NIH for research, in accordance with his previous statements to work for a salary of $1.00. At that time, Dr. Slaoui did not receive a payment for this lump sum. Major European countries have pledged to keep the Paris climate agreement amid a "shaky" global commitment in a new development consensus agreed between EU member states and signed in Brussels on Wednesday.

On 1 September, Australia and Timor-Leste announced an agreement on "the central elements of a maritime border" in lake Timor. It would finalize "the legal status of the Greater Sunrise gas field, the establishment of a special scheme for Greater Sunrise, a pathway to resource development and the sharing of revenues." In 2017, Australia and Timor-Leste negotiated through an international mediation process to resolve their long-running differences over hydrocarbon resources and maritime borders in the Timor Sea. For the agreement to be sustainable, both sides must consider it fair and mutually beneficial. However, this is not a sufficient condition, given that the Timorese government, after its signing, promoted the CMAT as fair and beneficial to both parties. "This agreement alone contains the standard types of protection, the standard language that federal contract consultants have," he said, adding that the contracting mechanism was probably faster than arresting Slaoui and passing it through the Office of Government Ethics process. A. eMerges assures and guarantees to L.Buyer that: i) it has the full power and power to conclude this agreement; and (ii) not to violate or result in a violation of the terms or provisions of this Agreement or a delay under its constitution or statutes or any other agreement or instrument in which it is involved. E. (d) The terms set out in this contract constitute the entire agreement relating to the purpose of this Contract and all the additional or derogatory conditions provided in another document, including, but not limited to, an order from the User, have no effect. So far, we know that the two countries have reached an agreement on maritime borders.

This is important in view of the history of successive Australian governments seeking to delay. But the exact details of the border`s location have been kept secret, while discussions on the development of the "common resource" of the precious but untapped Greater Sunrise Gasfeld continue. The development plan is being negotiated between Timor-Leste, Australia, and venture trading partners under Woodside`s leadership. It seems unlikely that Timor`s heads of state and government will receive their pipeline, but parts of their development plan could be included in the agreement.

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