Agreement Between India And Pakistan 1947

ix) The governments of India and Pakistan, as well as national and provincial governments, will generally make recommendations that will affect them if these recommendations are supported by the two central ministers. In the event of disagreement between the two central ministers, the matter is referred to the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan, who decide the matter themselves or define the Agency and the resolution procedure. The large size of the Indian diaspora and the Pakistani diaspora in many different countries of the world has created strong diasporic relations. British Indians and British Pakistanis, the largest and second largest ethnic minority in the United Kingdom, enjoy friendly relations. [98] It is quite common for a "Little India" and a "Little Pakistan" to coexist in ethnic enclaves in South Asia in overseas countries. There are several cities such as Birmingham, Blackburn and Manchester where British Indians and British Pakistanis coexist in peace and harmony. Indians and Pakistanis living in the United Kingdom belong to the Anglo-Asian category. The United Kingdom is also home to the Pakistan and India Friendship Forum. [100] In the United States, Indians and Pakistanis are classified as South-American and have many cultural traits.

In the United States, marriage between Indians and Pakistanis is common. [94] In 1949, India registered nearly one million Hindu refugees who poured into West Bengal and other countries in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) as a result of violence, intimidation and repression by the authorities. The plight of the refugees outraged Hindus and Indian nationalists, and the refugees drained the resources of Indian states they could not accommodate. Prime Minister Nehru and Sardar Patel invited Liaquat Ali Khan to meet in Delhi. Although many Indians described this appeasement, Nehru signed a pact with Liaquat Ali Khan, who called on both nations to protect minorities and create minority commissions. Khan and Nehru also signed a trade agreement and pledged to resolve bilateral conflicts through peaceful means. Hundreds of thousands of Hindus have returned to eastern Pakistan, but the thaw in relations has not lasted long, mainly due to the conflict in Kashmir. Relations between India and Pakistan have been complex and largely hostile due to a series of historical and political events.

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