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Hong Kong Agreement 2047

j$k1740120j$k The document enshrines rights and freedoms, including freedom of speech, assembly and independence of the judiciary, inherent in the "One Country, Two Systems" formula that underpins the Beijing-London agreement. 2047 is the year when these value systems would inevitably find themselves in a culminating battle if they haven`t done so by then. Hong Kongers […]

Hambantota Port China Agreement

j$k1734686j$k HAMBANTOTA, Sri Lanka (AP) — Whenever Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa approached his Chinese allies for loans and support for an ambitious port project, the answer was yes. The Chinese government was quick to welcome the Sri Lankan president`s statement. In a statement, the Chinese embassy stressed that it respects Sri Lanka`s sovereignty and […]

Gleneagles Agreement Springbok Tour

j$k1729252j$k Rejecting its request to cancel the tour, the Commonwealth retaliated by moving a meeting of its finance ministers from Auckland, New Zealand`s largest city, to the Bahamas next month. When tourists arrived from the Springbock, emotions were high across the country, both for and against the Tour, and so high that the tacit social […]