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Agreement Between India And Pakistan 1947

ix) The governments of India and Pakistan, as well as national and provincial governments, will generally make recommendations that will affect them if these recommendations are supported by the two central ministers. In the event of disagreement between the two central ministers, the matter is referred to the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan, […]

Afterthought Agreement Meaning

Betsy had called her thoughtful and suspected that the girl was an escape. It was her world, but it was nothing but a reflection aligned with promises for years. The definition of a guarantee contract under section 68 of the Contact Act is contrary to Article 10, paragraph 6, which expressly provides that a […]

How To Confirm Amazon Billing Agreement

Buyers can update their payment method if the billing agreement is in the "Open" or "Blocked" status in the "Account Activities" section of the Amazon Pay site. When the buyer updates the payment method, you will receive an Instant Payment Notification (IPN). For more information about IPNs, click Sync your systems with Amazon Pay. […]

How Do You Collect Interobserver Agreement Data

Since Spearman and Brown first reported in 1910 how to quantify reliability between data sources, researchers have refined ways of quantitatively communicating the link between independent actions (see Brennan, 2001). Today`s researchers are fortunate to have many statistical software packages (z.B. SPSS, STATA) that can instantly calculate a variety of reliability indicators, such as […]